I am three months behind in mortgage, but can pay one of those three payments. Will Wells Fargo help me?

I was in an area where Hurricane Sandy had hit. My name is on the mortgage but I don’t work so my wife works and pays all the bills. She was out of work for three weeks during that time. I was wondering once I call, will they allow to use my wife’s income as possibly making repayment plans to be up to date with mortgage payments? We would have been just fine if she did worked those three weeks. She’s a house cleaner so she couldn’t go properly clean a house especially if her bosses were having troubles themselves. Wells Fargo already gave us the moratorium, but we cannot come up with all three payments.

Unfortunately, there are many more factors that come into play with respect to your question if in fact Wells Fargo would be willing to “help you” (i.e. modify your mortgage).

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