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March 2014:
“We had a very seemingly cut and dry foreclosure action on our home that has been going on for years. Pretty much the same story as most of America, doing really well, figure we could afford more and decided to refinance. Economy fell apart and my company couldn’t keep up, many many efforts to work it out with servicer but got nowhere.

We have gone through 2 attorneys and thousands of dollars since 2009. Justin, (first class, paralegal for the firm) and Young Law Group clearly read and understood our case thoroughly and pointed out some very important and evidently large, potentially fatal mistakes made by the plaintiff that no other attorney even noticed. Their attention to detail thus far has been unmatched and is a very refreshing sign in what seems to be a dirty, shallow area of law. They understand what is actually going on with foreclosures in this country and are exceptional at explaining it if you are willing to listen. I have spent countless hours researching the entire foreclosure process as well as the attorneys who practice it, trying to understand all the ins and outs of the securitization process all the way through to quiet title and there has not been an attorney that I have encountered that understood it all except for this firm. After posing numerous questions and receiving more answers than i could remember, Justin and Young Law Group were able to answer each and every one with unmatched confidence, knowledge and understanding. Rarely do you find people to work for you who truly and genuinely care and continue to demonstrate it day after day. This seems to be more than just a Job for this firm and they take what they are doing for people very seriously. Most attorneys appear to be content in the delay, stall and hold off method of what they believe to be an inevitable loss. I don’t think i have met an attorney who believes in this cause more than Young Law Group and Justin. If your case qualifies for this firm, i would highly recommend using them for your foreclosure. Do some research on your own, there has to be a reason that there is not a single negative comment or slightly less than perfect review on this group, on AVVO or anywhere on the internet period. These people really care and it shows!”

February 2014:
“I received an extremely troubling letter from attorneys representing my mortgage company (unfortunately on a Saturday, and knowing the mortgage offices were closed).
In a panic, I went to the web to search for answers- afraid that I would lose my house. I found great answers alleviating many of my concerns, all answered by Young Law Group. I was actually able to sleep! I decided that if I was going to need an attorney- he would be the one I retain. I asked for a free consultation, and received a prompt call back. Fortunately, my issue was due to incompetence by the mortgage servicer (owned by IBM but shall otherwise remain nameless) that bought my mortgage from BOA, and it is likely that I will not need representation, and much to their credit The Young Law Group told me as much.

It is very comforting to know that there are places out there like the Young Law Group. Next to the health of your family, nothing is more stressful than the fear of losing your home. Don’t go it alone if you find yourself in trouble- they can help.”

December 2013:
“My experience with the Young Law group was a pleasure. They are knowledgeable , respectful, and sharp law firm. They are dependable, trustworthy, and go the distance in resolving any matter you present them with. I feel at ease with the Young Law Group on my side. I would strongly recommend their services to anyone seeking foreclosure and loan modification advice or representation. They are a A+ Law firm.”

July 2013:
Young Law Group has been a pleasure to deal with and has handled my legal problems in a competent and professional manner. I highly recommend him.

June 2013:
“I never knew there was such a thing as someone to defend my foreclosure. I found the Young Law Group through my tax accountant and my life has gotten so much better since. They have eased our minds that this is not the end of the world, and we may just be able to figure out a way to save our house. They don’t make me feel like a criminal because we were unable to pay our bills.
We moved into a larger home because my kids were growing up and needed more room. Who knew that less than a year later my husband was going to lose his job due to employee reduction. We were able to keep our head afloat for a little while but we just couldn’t keep up with the mortgage. It’s an embarrassing situation, and it’s nice to know there’s someone in your corner. We do have some place to turn. They’ve been very informative, and everything they said they were going to do, they have done. They explained the steps and the process 2 or 3 times and when I receive the documentation it is exactly what they said was going to happen. In the beginning I was skeptical, but now I have a piece of mind that I can trust them.”

May 2013:
“Finding Young Law Group has been a miracle and a blessing! I spoke with his chief paralegal, Justin , for 45 minutes and in that time I learned more than I had in five years of legal wrangling…………. I did not yet need a lawyer to handle my case! What a shock! May I say that this young man demonstrates a level of knowledge one rarely sees, even in attorneys who have practiced law for decades. He is courteous, kind and direct and knows just how you feel when you are faced with foreclosure. All my previous attorneys took my money and actually did nothing for me. I was lied to, jerked around and bilked for five long and excruciating years. To have received this level of service and HONESTY before meeting with Young Law Group or paying one dime for a retainer, speaks to the superb integrity of Young Law Group. I have spent thousands of dollars with three different attorneys, all of whom were happy to take my money and give me nothing in return. One actually disappeared with the firm’s trust accounts. I now have complete peace of mind, knowing that when the time does come, and it will, that Young Law Group will be there to represent me at the highest level of professionalism and honesty. Thank you, Justin,! Your boss has a real gem in you and by the same token, Young Law Group is a true example of what the practice of law really should be.”

April 2013:
“Seemed sincerely concerned with my situation gave great advice and acted in a timely fashion .His associates were just as helpful Would definitely recommend this firm”

March 2013:
“I have to thank Young Law Group for helping me in saving my home. They took my Foreclosure case in a time when I thought I had lost it all. Today I am still in my house and looking forward to a brighter future. Young Law Group were professional, knowledgeable, responsible and most importantly very trustworthy. I would surely recommend Young Law Group to my friends and relatives.”

March 2013:
“First, we would love to thank Justin and the entire team at The Young Law Group for keeping us in our home. Our home was in foreclosure and we lived in constant fear of losing it. Never faced with anything of this nature before, it was a nerve wrecking time. Then a friend referred me to The Young Law Group, within days our fears were replaced by hope. Having a team with extensive knowledge of the law on our side was very comforting; it gave us the strength we needed to make it through. Not only was the foreclosure dismissed, but in addition we were given a loan modification. The Young Law Group kept us in our home, and somehow managed to keep us in it for less. By the end of our process we received a principal reduction of $290,000, plus an interest rate reduction of over 2.25%. In addition to that our loan terms remained the same. We went from a $3,800 monthly payment down to $2,700 a month. There are no words I can use to truly convey my gratitude. All I know is if your situation feels hopeless go see Justin he will without a doubt help restore your peace of mind.”
-Mr. & Mrs. Harry

February 2013:
“Justin of The Young Law Group was simply amazing. His professionalism and knowledge of the law got us through one of the most difficult times of our lives. We found it so refreshing that The Young Law Group does what is says they can do with honesty, integrity and, of course, with results! We never felt we were just a number to them…they truly care about your plight and/or the hardship you are going through. We would recommend them to everyone!”
-Jo Ann & Kevin

February 2013:
“I cannot say enough great things about The Young Law Group. They took a very stressful and emotional time for me and my family and turned it into a calm and comforting experience. Not only did they take care of every detail through the whole process but kept me informed every step of the way. Their constant honesty, empathy and compassion for our situation, even from the first meeting made us feel that we were in the hands of a very knowledgeable and experienced law firm. Justine and Matthew were phenomenal people and always treated us with respect and kindness. They went out of their way to see that every detail was taking care of in a timely matter and were always available to answer my questions or just listen to me and my concerns. There are no words to thank them enough for all of their hard work and what they accomplished for me and my family. It would be without ANY hesitation that I would recommend them to anyone I know!!”

January 2013:
“My experience with Young Law Group and Justin was articulate informative and reassuring. I truly think I have found the only honest hard working law group in Suffolk County. They gave me all the options I could work with so I could make my own clear an precise decision. They understand where you are coming from and do not push their agenda just to make money. I will recommend Young Law Group and Justin to any one who needs to be treated with respect as an individual not a commodity to be used to make a fast buck on.”

January 2013:
“Young Law Group is a great firm and I would recommend him to anyone in need of legal advice.”

December 2012:
“Let me start off by saying thank you to Justin and the whole Young Law Group.I had a very complicated case.I needed to do a Bankruptcy and save my house from being in foreclosure. They were wonderful and very knowledgeable about the laws.They worked very hard on my case.Trust is a real issue with me and it was early on I felt I can trust them.Thanks to them I am Debt free and can keep my home.I tell everyone I know about this Law Group.”

December 2012:
“I deal with many attorneys in the normal course of my business. Many are competent, although some are not. Young Law Group, and the incredible staff are responsive, friendly, incredibly competent, and all off that would be nice, but add in that they GET RESULTS! I have had a foreclosure hanging over my families head for years. I hired another attorney that was supposed to negotiate a loan modification. He requested lots of documents, and MONEY, but never even told the bank’s lawyers that he was representing me! They kept contacting me directly! I had to keep telling them that I had an attorney. Thanks to the first attorney never doing what he was hired and paid to do, my house was foreclosed on. I good friend referred me to Young Law Group. They found that the bank’s attorneys used fraudulent documents, and got my foreclosure dismissed!!! I will recommend Young Law Group to anyone I know struggling with this nightmare with the banks. They skip a payment, when they have billions, and the taxpayers “bail them out.” But the little guy, like my family, will get crushed by their attorneys, that break the law and ruin your life WITH FRAUD. They don’t play by the rules, but we have to. Even the tables with a gentleman, class act, and honest hard working!”

November 2012:
“The Young Law Group has been open and helpful with any questions I have put forth, they have consistently been helpful in pointing me in the “right” direction. Providing invaluable information, looking out for me and protecting me from those who would otherwise take advantage of my situation. Their integrity has been apparent in any communication and interaction I have with the firm. The staff is amazing. Importantly, they care about justice.”

November 2012:
“We tried to modify our mortgage for 2 frustrating years of trying to deal with the bank on our own. After going into foreclosure we contacted the Young Law Group. They took the bull by the horns, stopped the foreclosure action in a day, dealt with the bank and lawyers and after a year or so they got us a modification that was better than anything we could have hoped for or ever gotten without there help. We are now locked in at 2% for 5 years and our rate will max out at less than 4% for the remainder of the loan. We did not have to pay the bank any back payments so the cost of hiring a professional is inconsequential in the long run. If you have an ongoing problem and are getting the run around from your lender, contact the Young Law Group right away. It is a process that they know inside and out and they got the results that they told us they would. Although it is frustrating and does not happen overnight, be patient and let them work through the legal steps for you. The communication was excellent, the advice was sound and the results were literally life changing for us and our family. Do not take any chances by going with a low priced lawyer, go with the Young Law Group and you will get what you pay for and more. Very Happy!”

November 2012:
“When your life’s work and reputation lies in the balance, there’s no one else I want representing my interests. Young Law Group is who I want standing next to me in open court.”
-J. Werman

October 2012:
“I wanted to write this review to let Young Law Group know how thankful my family and I are of how they helped us in this difficult situation. Let me start by saying after almost a year of our mortgage company denying our personal attempts for a loan modification we started to get down on our luck. In the middle of us trying to modify we were served with foreclosure papers. At this point we were about 15 months behind on our mortgage and worried we were going to lose our house.
We were referred to the Young Law Group by a colleague that had used him prior. After speaking with him and reviewing our situation they were able to respond to the bank in court. They succeeded in getting a restraining order on our foreclosure so the bank could not proceed with the action. After about seven months of going back and forth with the bank in court they were able to negotiate a modification. I am sure more work went into our case then my description, but those are the main points that stuck out in my head. Our family is grateful of Young Law Group professionalism and effort to help us with our issue. Both you and your firm are truly a pleasure to work with. I applaud you once again and thank you from the bottom of my families heart.”

July 2012:
“My wife and I hired the Young Law Group to represent us in a foreclosure action and not only did they get the foreclosure dismissed, but they were able get my family a loan modification from Ocwen but were able to get us a $440,000 principal reduction and get our payments reduced from $4700/mo to $1500/mo. Simply put, we spoke with a lot of different attorneys and by far the Young Law Group is the best foreclosure defense law firm in New York and must be Public Enemy #1 for the banking community!”
-Rob H.